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An embarrassing moment: you’re not the genius you supposed

There’s nothing like being asked to write stories for a reputable newspaper.  The idea of turning out news that is pure, well-written journalism is exhilarating, and getting your first job as a full-time reporter is one of those unforgettable moments.  Picture it… you’ve been sending out clip after clip, racing to interview after interview, and on occasion, sharing a Skype moment with editor after editor in hopes of landing that perfect job.   You are convinced that it’s only a question of time, before someone discovers your genius!

Since you were hired because of your experience as a feature writer, you can hardly wait to strut your stuff, so you pitch an idea to the publisher for a feature, and he says, “Great idea… run with it!”  Wow!  You have barely come aboard, and already you’re in full swing!  This is going to be good!  You are fully convinced that you’ll be getting the “two thumbs up” sign soon.  He says, “So, can you have that to me in about a week?”  No problem… you have been used to much tighter deadlines.

You are doing all you can do to contain your excitement, and don’t want to brag to other reporters… but…

You are on the project like a bat out of hell, and really go all out with this article.  Heck, you even show off your photographic skills and  grab photos to turn in with your article (normally, this impresses an editor).

You are on a roll, and finish the article two days ahead of schedule.  Being the responsible and conscientious reporter that you are, you send off an email to the publisher, letting him know that you’ll be emailing the article with photos the next morning.  You are so happy… that night you go to bed with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

The next morning, you email the article with the photos as planned.  You are, after-all, a man/woman of your word, but by the time nighttime falls, you begin to wonder why he hasn’t acknowledge receiving your article.  Day two comes and goes, and then day three does the same.  By day four, you are beginning to wonder why he hasn’t even acknowledged receiving it.  You have a dozen explanations in your head.  “It was so perfect that it doesn’t have to be edited.”  “The guy is probably so busy that he hasn’t gotten to it yet.”  “Perhaps he has been away from his desk (oh right… a publisher avoiding emails, and staying unreachable to his reporters?) That is almost laughable!

By the middle of day five you decide to look at your sent box, to make certain that it actually went out.  Of course it did.  You sit at your desk sulking, and staring at the sent mail box when suddenly something happens… You decide to look at an old email from the publisher about submissions.  So far, everything is fine, however, you notice in an older email sent by him that you have mistakingly reversed two letters in his name.  In seconds, you can feel heat rising to your head, and your breathing is restricted, but you immediately calm your self with the thought, “There’s no way I did this with the out mail I sent to him.”   You take a close look at the email address that you sent the article to, and it’s WRONG!  You are mortified!  Suddenly, you realize that you sent your article somewhere else.  This fully explains why he has not responded!  He NEVER RECEIVED IT!  You no longer are two days early, but three days LATE!!!!  Basically, you look like a serious flake.

There simply are no words to express how stupid you feel in that moment, especially because you will undoubtedly have to tell him what happened. There’s not going to be any way around it.

Just imagine your embarrassment.



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