Social media with a twist: To buddy or not to buddy

Wonders never cease!  First of all, it’s 3:27 am, and I am up (not writing as you might suppose), but sitting here drinking hot lemon and agave nectar, blowing my nose, sucking on a cough drop, and pretending that I don’t actually have a cold.  Since I am up and here, I thought I would share something that recently happened to me on one of our social network sites.

It doesn’t happen too often, but a number of months ago someone contacted me on my website and asked me to write a press release for them.  So, naturally I did.  They were very happy with the outcome, complimented my work, yada, yada, ya, and I emailed them a typical billing invoice.  Because it was only a press release, I didn’t charge them a deposit, which I normally do for larger writing/editing jobs, but told them that payment would be due when the final draft was completed. This should have been obvious.


One month passed, two months passed, and now we are at the 9 month mark… sort of like a pregnancy… I am “still” waiting for payment.  Small claims court would work “if” the client was local, but he’s about 2,000 miles north.  Naturally, I re-sent the invoice several times with an accompanying letter that became more direct with each revision.  It’s been to no avail.  One would think this person dropped off the planet.


I received an email yesterday on my Linked-in account.  It’s always exciting to see the little orange box lit up with a new connection invitation.  I have actually met some amazing people on Linked-in, and gotten a number of clients through Linked-in.  Linked-in is great.  Linked-in is not a problem.


It did come as a complete surprise to find an invitation for connection from the client who stiffed me.

It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor, because I did send him another reminder that he never did pay for services rendered, and it might be a good idea to reconcile his bill with me before buddying up on Linked-in!

Just a thought…



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3 responses to “Social media with a twist: To buddy or not to buddy

  1. Mr. Chicago

    Things like that can only happen in the wonderful new world known as the internet.

    People “befriending” strangers in a faceless world, actually believing their list of “friends” are truly friends. If that happened in the “real-non-avatar-world”, that client would have dodged you like a bullet as to not be confronted about a 9 month old debt.

    Gotta love the internet!

    • While I have chosen to laugh this off Mr. Chicago, you are unfortunately correct. As convenient as the Internet is for all of us, it certainly becomes much easier for someone to dodge payment, change their email address and disappear from cyberspace. What is amusing to me is that this guy would have the audacity to buddy me on a social networking site. Like I would even allow that based on my experience with him, so he can network with my business acquaintances and friends and possibly screw them. NOT going to happen. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Kay

    Given that he has taken the time to look you up once again did he at least pay off his debt? You handled the situation smoothly, *which comes as no surprise* but I would NOT let him into your linked-in account.

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