Lemons and tequila: With or without salt

Well, so far this has been an eventful day.

Last month I had a woman contact me from _______ who is starting a luxury magazine for the elite. She wanted to have me write articles for her, yada ya. When the conversation moved to payment, she informed me that this is a non-paying writing gig, because (“don’t you know”) it is an honor to be in this magazine, and the exposure alone is like me having free advertising.  EXCUSE ME?

So we continued to talk, and of course I shared that I am not accustomed to writing for free.  She groveled a bit, but still asked to see some writing samples. Rather hesitantly, I sent the samples the moment we hung up.  I NEVER heard back from her until yesterday, when she called wanting to know why she never heard back from me (how odd) and she said, “Well, did you want to be in the magazine or not, because we have to get that article in so it can go to press.” HUH?

Yes, writer’s work for free… NOT.

Not hours later, I got another email from a potential client who contacted me about 3 weeks ago to write a press release for him.  He went so far to send me all the pertinent information, etc., and then stipulated that this would not be needed until some time in August.  Okay, this is not rocket science… I can do this.

The saga continued…

In his email he relayed that he now needs it by the end of the month, and wondered if it is near completion.  EXCUSE ME?  When did we ever decide on this?  When did we ever talk $$$? I had no clue I was on the project.  So, I wrote him back saying, “Normally I require a 50% deposit and the remainder to be paid when the project is completed.”  His response was staggering.  “I’m on a really tight budget… can we do it for 100 bucks and you get paid when it’s finished? Oh, and thanks.  I appreciate the rush.”  WOW!

So, the moral of the story is: When life hands you lemons, grab some tequila and salt and call it a day.



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4 responses to “Lemons and tequila: With or without salt

  1. Carla!

    I know, it’s amazing how people think writers write for free! Honestly, I applaud you at your tenacity to step out and actually try to make a living at this writing gig thing. Maybe I need to take the plunge and just step away from my job and write and trust that the money will come in to support the family.

    Maybe when someone asks us to write for free we should ask them if they work for free. LOL!

    Dr. Rus

    • My advice to you Dr. Rus….”Don’t quit your day job.” This is a very difficult journey. Freelance anything is never easy. It’s really rewarding at times, but when dealing with clueless people like this, it makes me want to pack up my computer, move to an island somewhere and sip coconut juice. LOL The funny thing… I loathe tequila. Hahahaha! Thanks for your encouragement and support. ONWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Phil Brewer

    Love your WordPress site and your writing here, Carla!

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