The New Lenovo Idea Pad S10 gives Apple a run for the money

I am a Mac user.  I will admit, for about a 10 year stretch I became inundated in PC mania, but after 3 laptops crashed during the course of 1 year, and my HP desktop decided to go into a rebellion, I gave all of these computers new homes at the local thrift store, and switched back over to Apple.  I have an iMac, a Macbook Pro, and an iPhone.

Recently a friend of mine purchased the iPad, which I will admit to being not overly impressed, and after hearing her complaints, I am glad that I didn’t throw away the money!  One of the most common complaints about the iPad is the inability to multitask, and not having a camera.  Here are a few other complaints about the iPad:

  • Not a laptop, and hard to create things on
  • Doesn’t have a good filing system
  • Email is not as good for displays and composing
  • How does one save files for future use?  This seems to be a problem
  • YouTube video’s and other video’s look almost low-resolution
  • Seems heavy
  • Keyboard is quirky and rather difficult to use
  • Issues with formatting word processing–doesn’t work well with professional standards

So, now that I’ve covered that… here’s an idea! The new Lenovo Idea Pad S10 (Lenovo Netbook) is affordable, and one of the best Netbooks on the market, with a number of tools to help provide your business with the technology needed for Lenovo Netbook The Lenovo Netbook is light, and has a number of upgrades over competitors. The Lenovo’s amazing Tablet/PC Hybrid brings a tablet and a PC together in an amazingly elegant way. It’s a tablet. It’s a notebook computer, and it’s affordable!

While the recent iPad rage has fizzled some, and even tho the iPad certainly is innovative, there are some drawbacks.  When comparing apples to oranges, it’s best not to go there, but the Lenovo Netbook provides users with a wide range of existing applications that are not found in the iPad except for existing iPhone apps.

The ideaPad runs Windows 7 Home Edition while in the clamshell mode, and when detached, in the tablet mode, runs Skylight OS. Skylight OS is a custom user interface by Lenovo built on top of the Linux kernel. Since both OS’s support Adobe Flash there aren’t any issues with watching flash multimedia in clamshell or tablet mode.

At the very least, it’s always good to remember that the Lenovo Netbook is affordable, and in today’s tight economy, that’s saying a lot!


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