Somewhere between creativity and reality

It’s 12:22 am… and I really should be hitting the hay, but I thought I would write a little here, since I have been rather negligent lately.  I am not even sure how many are really reading this blog, but it feels good just knowing that the possibilities are endless!  Lol

I have been working on my screenplays for the last several days.  Yes, I said, “Screenplays.”  You  really don’t want to know how many I have going,  but currently, I am trying to finish two scripts, and somewhat working on a third, which will undoubtedly be next in line after the other two are completed.

I am living somewhere between creativity and reality.  Do any of you know what that feels like?  You don’t feel grounded… not at all… in fact, during this journey, sleep often is difficult to find.  Oddly, by nature, I am really not a night owl.  I function much better in the morning, but it seems my  creative juices really begin to flow after midnight.  What a dichotomy—I am more attentive during the day, and more creative at night.  Go figure.  It really doesn’t make any sense to me.  If ever I get on the same page, I may just write myself to high heaven!

One of my absolute favorite books that I confess to reading a number of times is, “Aristotle’s Poetics.”  It is a rich reservoir of secrets for every writer… and most importantly for those who write fiction.  In college, “Poetics'” were considered the bible for storytellers, and with good reason.

I was re-examining the plot or story-idea in one of my current screenplay’s today.  Holding it against Aristotle’s theories, and taking a close look at the story-line.  Aristotle actually criticizes the Greek tragedy, Iphigenia in Tauris suggesting that it’s author (Euripedes) made a mistake in pushing his own agenda, rather than utilizing a strong plot and creating a tight structure.  According to screenwriter, Michael Tierno, “Good writers serve their stories; bad writers serve their own agendas.”  I love the wisdom in that sentence alone, because it really is so true.  Tierno suggests that it is highly important to, “Say what the story demands!”

So, I have been reviewing my scripts and looking intently to see if I am saying what the story demands, and NOT pushing my own agenda!  In those wildly creative moments, it can become very tempting just to roll with the moment, and push your own agenda.  Most writer’s know (or certainly should grasp) that the most important aspect of writing is the knack for establishing a plot, and believe it or not, this can be built around a single action.

Speaking of single action’s, I do believe I will make my way to  the land of nod.  Suddenly, I feel like I am in a fog.

…to be continued…

Good night.


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