Clicking poor copy away: The annoyance of bad ads

It always amuses me when I find exclusive businesses websites filled with bad copywriting, spelling errors, style inconsistencies and punctuation errors. I cannot help but wonder who (if any) has edited their websites?  Do companies “think” this will not matter?  :/

What do you think?   When you see a website with these kinds of errors, does it affect you in a negative way? Do you immediately “click” the website away, or ignore the errors and hope that the products or services offered are not reflected by their poorly written website?

I  usually fine-tooth comb the website for more errors, and then always vacate the premises with the click of my mouse.  In short, I would never consider using their services.

So, I suppose GOOD, CLEAR, MISTAKE-FREE, CONSISTENT CONTENT in marketing is important!  Oui?

Cela l’est pour aujourd’hui !

…to be continued…


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