The download: My unique writing process

A friend of mine recently asked me about my “writing process,” and was hoping I had a lot of intense, sweat-driven, painstaking stories to share with him, but in truth, all I had to share was more about “the download.”

Here is how it works.  Sometimes it happens while listening to a song, sometimes it is a suddenly moment prodded by something emotional or inspirational, but it always comes as a sort of cinema-graphic download directly into my brain.  For example, recently a friend of mine wanted me to hear a song, so we sat in her car and listened to this wonderful jazz artist (purposefully not named) sing.  In a moment, I began to weep uncontrollably.  The song was not a typical jazz song, but dealt with the hungry, and it affected me profoundly.  The weeping was not just the result of being moved by good lyrics… on the contrary, it was the result of the download.  By download I mean while I was listening to this song, I had a cinema-graphic moment, and I saw the woman in the song, and her plight.  Not only did I see the character in the song, but in about a 10 minute period, I had the story-line for a feature film (beginning, middle and end), and I couldn’t find a piece of paper fast enough to jot this down, so I could return home and begin the writing process.

In truth (don’t hate me writer’s), this is how I get much of my fictional stories.  I see them, and in minutes, I know the beginning to the end.  The writing process for me is all about filling in the blanks.  Not, that is not always as easy as it sounds… Just because I have a complete story outline from the get-go, does not mean I don’t have to work, I do.  However, I truly never experience writer’s block, and I think it’s because I am not on a quest to tie in scenes and search for an ending.  I already know where I am going.

I feel exceptionally privileged.



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2 responses to “The download: My unique writing process

  1. Susan Lee

    It is interesting that you describe the process this way, because it is similar to the way that music is composed in my life; beginning, middle and end dropped into my brain like a radio playing, with the finishing touches put in by me at a later date. It’s ridiculous to take credit for the impetus, I am more a vessel and willing participant than anything else.
    Blessings in your endeavors,

    • Thanks Susan! Well, given my roots in music, I have gotten songs much the same way. That is wonderful. I understand completely about you feeling like being more of a vessel, and not wanting to take credit for the impetus.

      Very interesting… Thank you for sharing this!

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