55 degrees and holding

It’s really beautiful today here on the Central California Coast.  Of course, even when the fog rolls between the towering pines, it is lovely here.  In fact, it’s a writer’s paradise.

However, I really don’t feel like discussing the weather.

Being a freelance writer takes a bit of self-discipline.  My propensity toward being a little obsessive compulsive always shines brightly before beginning a writing project.  I think I have finally figured out what the issue is.  I have a deep-seated belief that if my office and desk are messy, that my head will be cluttered.  I cannot even begin to knock out an article, work on a news report, or get creative with fiction when my desk and surroundings are not tidy.  So, before I even begin to settle in and write, I clean.

This morning was no different from any other morning.  I got up, made some chai tea, did some breathing and stretching exercises, made a little breakfast, had a shower, dusted and re-organized my desk.  I realize that there are those writer’s who are perfectly content being slob-lords, but I am not one of them.  In fact, the fastest way for me to lose concentration is to be put in a cluttered room sitting at a messy desk. Might as well pour me a glass of wine and call it a day, because you probably won’t get any quality writing out of me.

Do you want a “true confession?”  I line up my pens. Oh yes, there is a spot and an angle for everything on my desk.

More and more, I am finding the need to schedule myself.   I do an exorbitant amount of writing, but my most productive day is accomplished when I have set a schedule and stick to it.  Ideally, I try to make my schedule Sunday night for the week.  When I was younger (not  that I am ancient), I could knock anything out at 3 am, but I will admit, while I can stay up with the best of them, I tend to put out much better work during the day.  Those middle of the night moments are happening far and few between.  Perhaps it’s somewhat age-related, or perhaps it is the realization that time is money, and my time seems better spent when I am coherent.  Writing half-dazed doesn’t seem to be working these days.

However, it’s sunny, 55 degrees, and holding…



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4 responses to “55 degrees and holding

  1. Kay

    I am inspired…. You really line up your pens huh? *lol* I often *far to often* tell my kids there is a spot for everything and the floor is not it. Today, however I would have little to preach at because my home is in total disarray with Christmas decor, clothes needing washed, floors to sweep, beds to change and the most dreaded….bathrooms to clean. I too fall into a shut down mode and with 3 hours and 52 minutes to wait on my french onion soup I better get busy. *lol*

  2. Carla, Love the new blog. I like the idea of letting your hair done and bare all 🙂
    I also like your idea of a schedule. I don’t do that and I know that I would be much more productive if I took your lead. I’ve just been one of those laid back types that takes charge when the mood strikes. Maybe it’s time I grow up ? 😀

  3. Kay, I really do line up my pens. Of course, it becomes an issue, because I have far too many pens… I am a bit of an office supply collector. In fact, I believe it may well be an obsession. lol

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