Here I go again!

I need another blog like I need a hole in my head.  However, here I go again, and this time—I plan on letting my hair down.  I have decided to share my deep, dark writing secrets with “whoever” might be interested.  Here in this space (my space), where I twitter about in a blogging frenzy.

Let’s see… This last year has been lean.  Working as a freelance writer is not always glamorous. You know the deal… we get hired to do a job, and the job isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.  I try to ignore the fact that many writers over the ages were impoverished.  During the course of 2 years, I have written features and copy for a high-end magazine that folded with our booming economy.  I have had several contract jobs literally cancel (two in one week) because of the economy, and I have had companies or business owners view my prices and then offer me half the money!  However, on the upside, I have two feature films being optioned, and now possibly a third.  One of the ghostwriting jobs that canceled has now come back into play, so this is good!

Despite the economic lull, I do have a full plate (no, not Thanksgiving leftovers)!  I have to finish a screenplay, write treatments for two other feature films that I am also working on, and in the midst of that, I am still doing periodic freelance writing for a local newspaper.

I remember one of my university professors said that Virginia Woolf wrote in so many genre’s that she was known as a writing whore.  Haha!  Indeed, I am beginning to feel like that myself!

So, why I have decided to start another blog is nothing short of a mystery.  It’s not like I need to spend more time at my computer manipulating words. However, here I go again!  Unblocked, uncorked and unremitting, and in need of coffee!



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2 responses to “Here I go again!

  1. Kay

    ~lol~ I like this!

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